indexsoft MySQL backups manager

Command line parameters

To run indexsoft MySQL backups manager from command prompt (or cron to have scheduled backups for an example) please use following switches:

  • --db=0 (backup database 'u0835663_demo')
  • --db=1 (backup database 'u0835663_demo')
  • --db=all (backup all databases)

To pack, email and/or upload created backup(s) on FTP server use following switches:

  • --pack
  • --mail
  • --ftp

Change default value for old backups:

  • --old=x (delete backups that older then x days)

To change default filename(s) for backup(s) file(s) use following switch:

  • --filename=mycronbackup.sql

To change default SMTP server, its SMTP port and email address use following switches:

  • --smtpport=portnumber

To change default FTP server, its FTP port, path on FTP server, FTP login and password use following switches:

  • --ftpport=portnumber
  • --ftppath=/myuploads/backups
  • --ftplogin=mylogin
  • --ftppaswd=mypassword

All switches can be used simultaneously and in any order for example:

./backupsmanager.cgi --db=all --filename=cron.sql --pack --mail
--ftp --ftppaswd=mypass

this will backup all databases to 'cron.sql' files, pack them, upload packed files on default FTP server using password 'mypass' and email them all to email address '' using default SMTP settings.

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